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You have navigated to this page because you are considering owning a homecare franchise, possibly an Options franchise, or you are simply curious about the world of franchising. One of the documents you may want to refer to is A Consumer Guide to Buying a Franchise. This 24-page document, which has been published by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is an easy read and offers a lot of good information regarding franchising.

The World is Changing, Take Control of Your Future


The home care market for the elderly continues to grow rapidly with the advent of the baby boomers reaching retirement age. In the United States, there were approximately 41 million individuals in 2010 who are 65 and older.  Today, 10,000 people are being added to that number each day!  By 2030, that number will surpass 70 million at which time one out of five people could be a potential client for a home care franchise. Home care services are offered to an ever-growing market of seniors, making the home care market unaffected by changing economies. Only a few franchising organizations have capitalized on these rapidly growing opportunities. The franchising opportunity is a very attractive proposition for entrepreneurs who have always wanted to be their own boss. Such opportunities become even more attractive during economic hardships when people start searching for sustainable sources of income. We at Options have recognized the potential in providing home care services for the elderly. We are seeking individuals who share our mission to provide excellent and compassionate care. With an uncompromising sense of dedication and compassion, Options franchises bring added comfort to senior care recipients and provide them with an affordable solution while satisfying their preference to remain at home.

Investment in a Franchise

As you begin to seriously consider buying an Options franchise, you want to know early on what the start-up and ongoing costs of your new business will be. We have devised a financial scheme that we believe is very competitive given all the benefits that a new Options franchisee enjoys. For a brief overview of the expected financial commitment a new franchise owner will have towards his/her primary expenditures, examine our franchise costs.