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Listen to what our clients say...

Sometimes it is best to hear things from someone else, a third party. We are proud of the many happy and satisfied families whom we have served and are currently serving. Here are some excerpts from some of our family members:  

"I want to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful service that Options provided to both my parents. Your agency was very responsive to their needs and matched us with wonderful caregivers."

Nancy D. , Daughter of our care recipient
Cary , MD (2008-05-01)

"Thank you for the service that you provided for mom. You enriched a great part of her declining days and I'm forever grateful."

Jane Burnette , Daughter
High Point , NC (2020-04-29)

"My wife and I are grateful for your service."

Tom H. , Husband of our care recipient
Greensboro , NC (2019-04-25)

"Thank you so much for all the great care you gave my mother. I know she felt very safe in your hands. "

Cheryl F. , Daughter of our care recipient
Greensboro , NC (2019-04-22)

"Thank you for all you did to help my mother.  She LOVED all her helpers!"

Lynn C. , Daughter of our care recipient
Greensboro , NC (2018-06-10)

"We will be forever grateful to Jerry (Options caregiver) and to Options.  Jerry is fabulous.  Thank you!"

Nancy L. , Daughter of our care recipient
Greensboro , NC (2018-07-15)

"I would like to thank you and your staff for three years of excellent care during my mother’s decline under Alzheimer’s and various other health issues. I would give your service my enthusiastic recommendation, and I feel that live-in care is superior in every way to other alternatives such as assisted living or nursing homes."

Richard R. , Son of care recipient
Goldsboro , NC (2008-12-01)

"Thank you for providing care for my wife.  The care was very good.  The caregiver was always on time, and you were always available and answered all my questions promptly."

Tom H. , Husband of our care recipient
Greensboro , NC (2019-04-25)

"I've probably written this note a hundred times in my head, but it never seems to clearly communicate the gratitude that I have for you and your staff. Knowing that my mom was cared for with such kindness and compassion was a blessing for all of us. Amid all the changing situations, you let us know that we were not alone...even delivering caregivers in the middle of the night... You can be sure that we will continue to tell others about the exceptional people at Options for Senior America."

Robert W. , Son
Greensboro , NC (2020-05-29)

"Jane and I owe you and the Options organization a deep debt of gratitude for the services you have provided us over the last couple of years. I cannot imagine how we would have managed without this service. We will always be grateful to you."

Kenyon M. , Son of our care recipients
Greensboro , NC (2018-06-21)

"I appreciated everything you did for me and my mother. All the sitters were wonderful! Mother enjoyed each one of them. You and your staff were truly a blessing to us!!"

Ann J. , Daughter of our care recipient
Greensboro , NC (2019-11-26)

"Thank you so much for sending Zillia to us. She was a perfect fit and did a great job. All of you have been so pleasant to work with, and Options will be at the top of our list as the need is surely to arise again."

Doris L. , Care recipient
Raleigh , NC (2013-08-01)

"You were exactly the right team we needed to see my mother home. I will never forget you! To you, and for you, I am deeply grateful. With deep affection and respect."

Charla L. , Daughter of our care recipient
Burlington , NC (2015-05-15)

"From our first contact with you in the summer of 2016 to arrange caregivers for my parents, you have shown extreme sensitivity and timely responsiveness to their changing needs. I will never forget the way that, when my father had his first stroke in September 2016, you arranged for someone to be available for my mother immediately. "

Kenyon M. , Son of our care recipients
Greensboro , NC (2018-06-21)

"Thank you for your team of helpers, esp. Janelle, Julia and Jennifer (Options caregivers)!! We were fortunate to have these ladies!! Can't say enough good about either of them!  Thank you and Maria (Options care coordinator) for being on top of things....always!"

Susan J. , Daughter of our care recipient
Greensboro , NC (2019-05-05)

"I would highly recommend Options for Senior America. The director always gets back to you in a timely manner and the staff does an excellent job of meeting the needs of the patient"

Dana C. , Daughter of our care recipient
Greensboro , NC (2019-04-28)

"I would like to take a few minutes to let you know how much your home care service and your care providers have meant to my mother and me. Your care providers have been so wonderful to my mother and have treated her with patience, understanding, and most important with respect. They have been very efficient and do things without being told. They are always so pleasant. Thank you for your concerns and staying in touch with my mother’s progress."

Linda B. , Daughter of care recipient
Cary , NC (2007-03-01)

"Thank you so much for the many ways you cared form my Mom and our whole family. Each of you, in your own way, touched me deeply by your kindness, your competence, and your compassion."

Charla L. , Daughter of our care recipient
Burlington , NC (2015-05-15)

"A “thank you” from me to you. As you’ve shown through another year, you are key to Loretta’s care. Lou and I so appreciate your work on Loretta’s behalf."

Robbie B. , Daughter-in-Law of care recipient
Clayton , NC (2013-12-01)

"I want to thank you for the loving care that you gave to Colleen in the last years of her life.  She was so comforted having sitters that cared for her.  I was also comforted knowing she was cared for and loved."

Emily M. , Daughter of our care recipient
Greensboro , NC (2018-02-20)

Locations Where We Provide Our Services

Though the majority of our patients require care to be provided in the comfort of their own home, Options For Senior America is equipped to provide care for your loved one even if they no longer live at home.

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