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Listen to what our clients say...

Sometimes it is best to hear things from someone else, a third party. We are proud of the many happy and satisfied families whom we have served and are currently serving. Here are some excerpts from some of our family members:  

"I hope you realize that you truly have a gem in Rochelle (Options Care Coordinator). She was ALWAYS there for me when needed. It did not matter if she was on vacation, if it was after hours, or if it was the weekend. I could count on Rochelle being there."

Michele K. , Niece of our care recipient
Catonsville, MD , MD (2023-07-04)

"We have had this service for 2 years now, and the caregiver is very compassionate, dependable and competent. We are very happy with her services and Options staff."

Alan F. , Spouse of our care recipient
Reisterstown , MD (2021-09-12)

"I appreciate the service they give."

Mary S. , Spouse of our care recipient
Brooklyn , MD (2021-11-04)

"They have been all-around helpful to my situation, and I've had no problems with them."

Elaine M. , Sister of our care recipient
Towson , MD (2021-10-07)

"Their program is very good, and they provide excellent care. They were open to our needs, and they were patient with my questions."

Elaine M. , Sister of our care recipient
Towson , MD (2021-10-07)

"It was our first time using a service, and Sharon (Options’ caregiver) put us at ease with her easy going manner, so we were able to go away and relax and enjoy ourselves knowing that Peggy (care recipient) was in good hands. Sharon took great care of Peggy. She really did go over and above to make sure that Peggy was happy and well cared for. I can’t tell you how happy we are to have found her. A lot of our friends are in the same situation that we are in, and I will be happy to recommend Options to all of them."

Sue S. , Daughter-in-law of our care recipient
Camphill , PA (2012-05-01)

"The caregiver they assigned to my husband is great. She is reliable, competent, dependable, and interacts wonderfully with us. We are very happy with Options services, and the responsiveness of the staff has been great."

Margaret G. , Spouse of our care recipient
Catonsville , MD (2022-11-09)

""We are very pleased with the job Tanisha is doing. I'm extremely grateful for her sincere care towards my parents. She's making a difference in their lives!""

Diana A. , Daughter of our care recipient
Media , PA (2022-04-23)

"I just wanted you to know you all have a Diamond employee in Keiana!! She is a full package and worthy of praise. She is the expert in the house. I am grateful."

Bonnee B. , Daughter of our care recipient
Secane , PA (2022-04-04)

"I am grateful to Rochelle (Options Care Coordinator), and the Options caregivers who were part of this journey with me. It was truly a team effort - a partnership."

Michele K. , Niece of our care recipient
Catonsville, MD , MD (2023-07-04)

"We are very happy with the care provided by Demetria, the caregiver assigned to our care. She has been consistent and has a great attitude. The quality assurance visits that they make to our house are very beneficial."

Louise L. , Our care recipient
Baltimore , MD (2022-10-31)

"Everything was great about this agency: the caregiver, the care coordinator at the local office, and the corporate office staff were very responsive to our needs."

Mona W. , Spouse of our care recipient
Baltimore , MD (2021-09-12)

"Your agency was a blessing to have. Jenneh and Lelar (Options' caregivers) were both wonderful."

Diana P. , Daughter of our care recipient
Palmyra , PA (2021-09-14)

"I am especially grateful for Angel, Kathern, and Emily (Options caregivers), who spent many months with my Uncle. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Brenda (caregiver), who was with my Uncle when he passed. It was her first experience being present when a client died. She handled herself and the situation with professionalism and grace."

Michele K. , Niece of our care recipient
Catonsville, MD , MD (2023-07-04)

"You found a nice/good helper for us!"

Margaret D. , Wife of our care recipient
Waynesboro , PA (2017-08-07)

"Thank you and all your agency has done for our family. We are especially grateful for Winnie (Options caregiver). She is a godsend and has taken wonderful care of our mother during the most difficult of times."

Pamela N. , Daughter of our care recipient
Mechanicsville , PA (2022-11-23)

"You all are the angel company right now. I look forward to a long relationship with all of you."

Bonnee B. , Daughter of our care recipient
Secane , PA (2022-04-04)

"What I like most about Options is their dependability."

Bruce H. , Our care recipient
Catonsville , MD (2021-11-11)

"Great service, friendly, caring, and responsive."

Johnnie M. , Our care recipient
Catonsville , MD (2021-11-05)

""How she interacts with my mom was precious to watch & just how much she loves her work is as if she was put on this earth to assist and support folks such as my mom. So glad I chose your agency.""

Jerry B. , Son
Philadelphia , PA (2022-05-03)

Locations Where We Provide Our Services

Though the majority of our patients require care to be provided in the comfort of their own home, Options For Senior America is equipped to provide care for your loved one even if they no longer live at home.

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