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Five Ways to Celebrate Senior Citizens Day

August 01, 2023

National Senior Citizens Day was established in 1988 by President Ronald Regan, and is celebrated during the month of August, on August 21 of every year. This holiday recognizes senior citizens for their lifelong contributions to society, and the impact they’ve made in the world and on lives around them. With improved healthcare, seniors are proving to be more active than ever; and with more opportunities available, many are now able to begin second careers, and serve as examples for younger generations. This country’s foundation and stability, and our lives as we know them, were built from the hard work and sacrifice of our senior citizens, and they deserve all of our appreciation and gratitude. Here are five ways to celebrate your senior loved-ones for National Senior Citizens Day.


Take Them Out To Eat -
It’s not unusual for older adults to not venture out for social activities as often, such as going out to restaurants to eat, because it’s harder for them to get out on their own. Surprise your senior loved-one with a lunch or dinner date in honor of National Senior Citizens Day.


Reminisce Over Photographs -
A walk down memory lane with senior family members can be a fun way to celebrate them. You can reminisce over photographs and journals and invite them to share life stories from when they were younger while reminiscing over old photographs and journals.


Visit Them in Their Senior Care Community -
Do you have one or more loved-ones who live in a senior community? Take some extra time to visit them on National Senior Citizens Day. Sitting and talking with them can do wonders for their spirits, and remind them how much they are loved and appreciated.


Host a Luncheon or Party -
Hosting a small luncheon or at-home party can be a great way to honor your senior loved-one on this holiday. You could include their favorite foods, and play their favorite music from their era.


Volunteer for Senior Projects or Programs -
Visit a local senior care community or volunteer, such as delivering meals with the Meals on Wheels organization. Donating to programs that support senior citizens in need is also a great way to show appreciation.

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