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Senior Solutions for 2024 Resolutions 

January 02, 2024

Welcome to 2024! With each new beginning, a time of reflection, healing, and hope for the future naturally occurs. That is why New Year’s resolutions are so common. Below are 4 simple ideas for New Year’s resolutions, geared towards our senior loved ones, but great for everyone to ring in 2024 with.



Give Your Brain a Workout

Use it or lose it! The more you exercise your mind, the better it functions. Reading is an excellent choice, as are doing puzzles or crosswords, playing cards, learning something new, and even socializing. Implement this resolution for 10 minutes each day; read an article or chapter in a book, call a friend, play cards, or take an online course. 


Activate Your Muscles

Engage in physical activity for at least 10 minutes each day. If you can’t walk, spend some time sitting up straight and stretching. If you can walk, even light stepping in place proves beneficial to muscle health. Household chores also count here, as any sort of activity will improve your balance, posture, and mood. 


Reduce Your Intake

Alcohol, sugar, anything consumed or indulged in to excess, can be harmful to your health, especially for older adults. Alcohol can not only interact with medications and increase your chances of falling, but excessive amounts of alcohol and/or sugar can contribute to depression, trouble sleeping, and other health issues. 


Speak Up!

If you’re feeling sad or down, speak up. Especially if you experience possible depression symptoms for more than two weeks, such as: lingering sadness, tiredness, loss of appetite or pleasure in doing things you once enjoyed. Reach out to your doctor, family, and friends. 

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