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Mind Over Matter - Meditation For Seniors

January 03, 2023

While the stress of the holidays may have come and gone, the new year can come with its own daunting pressures and demands. New year’s resolutions are often exciting but also usually come with the need for a few changes, which can be intimidating.

Or sometimes stress can come from closing chapters last year instead of starting new ones. Either way, how does one stay in the present moment and focus on the tasks at hand?

Meditation and its benefits have become a trendy topic for discussion. Most people have their own, intricate and personal definitions for what meditation means or what it looks like to meditate. But a simple and generally accepted explanation of it and its concept is that it provides self  awareness and perspective through mindfulness.

There are several different categories of meditation, each varying in their method. Their objective, however, remains the same, to keep the meditator in the present moment.

Meditation has been reported to have several benefits, from helping with mental health, to physical benefits. Because of the increased blood flow to the brain that occurs during meditation, emotional regulation, focus, memory, and attention span are improved.

As a result of reducing stress, there is a correlation between meditation and improved digestive health. Meditation can also aid in weight loss, better circulation, as well as strengthening the immunity system.

For anyone wanting to learn how to meditate, there are several resources available to guide you through a sitting.  Videos or audios can be found easily online.

No equipment is needed - a quiet place, a comfortable seat, and a few minutes is all anyone would need to get started. If movement is preferred, going for a mindful walk or simply being mindful doing your favorite activity is also a great way to start your meditation journey.

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