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An Update on COVID-19


What We Are Doing During the COVID-19 Virus Crisis

Amidst the current challenges and uncertainties resulting from the corona virus COVID-19, Options For Senior America is addressing, with utmost priority, the health and safety of our care recipients, their family members who live in their household, and our committed caregivers who continue to provide essential home care services to our care recipients.

Despite the concern that many of you and us have on the impact of this virus on our daily lives and the potential threat it brings to the elderly population especially those who are suffering from chronic and/or underlying medical conditions, we believe that home is still the best place for our care recipients to be as this would minimize their exposure to this virus and maximize their safety and well-being.  Our motto “Kinder Alternatives for Senior Adults” infers that home is still the best alternative of all alternatives, and this motto holds very true during this challenging time.

Options For Senior America has developed a plan for this emergency as it relates to the services that we provide.  We understand the responsibility bestowed upon us to ensure that we take all precautionary measures to keep our care recipients as safe and healthy as possible.  All our caregivers are fully aware of what measures to take while providing services to your loved ones from wearing face coverings, regularly washing their hands, using protective gear when and as appropriate, and to practicing social distancing while in public.  Additionally, our caregivers can act on behalf of our care recipients by picking up their medication, shopping for their groceries, and running other errands for them outside their homes thus allowing them to practice social distancing and keep them from large gatherings.

We have been closely monitoring the evolution of the COVID-19 virus during the past few weeks and have relied on recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the new Coronavirus COVID-19 website, and urge you to do the same.  We will continue to dedicate much of our efforts to adhering to all precautionary measures available to us and adjust them accordingly as we jointly combat this virus to keep our care recipients and caregivers safe and healthy.

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