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1.  Do you charge the same rate on days, nights, and weekends?
2.  Can a client terminate the service without having to give notice?
3.  Can families interview the Aide prior to hiring and at no cost?
4.  Do you give a discounted hourly rate for schedules of 8 hours a day or more?
5.  Will your agency conduct a needs assessment at no cost?
6.  Do your Aides do light housekeeping, including mopping and laundry?
7.  Can clients reach office staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
8.  Are you state licensed to perform “personal care”?
9.  Do you provide “live-in” as well as “live-out” services?
10.  Are your Aides covered by worker’s compensation insurance?
11.  Are all your Aides bonded?
12.  Does your agency carry full professional liability insurance?
13.  Do background checks on your Aides include police records?
14.  Can families contact existing clients for a reference?
15.  Does your agency have at least 25 years of experience providing eldercare services?

Locations Where We Provide Our Services

Though the majority of our patients require care to be provided in the comfort of their own home, Options For Senior America is equipped to provide care for your loved one even if they no longer live at home.

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